Simple answers to the most popular questions

Why Black Soldier Fly?

Black Soldier Fly larvae consume more than any other species and contain a larger amount of proteins and nutrients. The flies themselves are environmentally safe as they are not carriers of infections and can exist only in special greenhouse conditions. And most importantly: they do not bite!

How do BSF larvae appear?

Each fly lays tens of thousands of eggs, from which the larvae hatch in an incubator. Hungry larvae are given food not eaten by people: fruits, vegetables, confectionery, bakery, dairy, and other products.

Would my animals love to eat BSF larvae?

According to practice, all animals do like our products

Are BSF larvae safe?

Larvae are naturally derived products grown in Russia. They do not contain harmful substances and undergo a full antibacterial treatment during their drying process.

What were your results so far when you tried feeding with the BSF larvae?

When chicken were fed with BSF larvae, their productivity rate and the thickness of their egg shells were increased, while cannibalism was decreased.

How many BSF larvae can be given to my animal per day?

The larvae are very nutritious, and for one chicken 1 kg of larvae per month is enough, or about 10% of its daily diet.